Top 5 tips for buying a PNC Bank foreclosure

Interested in buying a foreclosure from PNC Bank? PNC Bank foreclosures are a good source of foreclosure deals. Here are five tips for buying a property from PNC Bank.

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Short Sale-title

Foreclosure versus Short Sale: What’s the difference?

Foreclosure sales are different than short sale transactions. A short sale occurs when the mortgage holder is still in control of the property. Short sales can be a good source of default properties. Understand how short sales are different than foreclosure sales.

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Flagstar Bank fined for failing to comply with mortgage servicing rules

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has recently fined Flagstar Bank over $37M for not assisting borrowers with foreclosure relief in a timely manner.  The bank will return $27.5M to borrowers and pay a fine of $10M.   The CFPB has made serious statements about Flagstar’s ability to service it’s assets in default and follow […]

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Union Bank Foreclosure Listings

Union Bank is a regional bank that is almost 150 years old.  Union Bank changed their name to MUFG Union Bank in July of 2014.  Union Bank is now an international bank and a member of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group with assets of $2.5 trillion dollars.  The companies headquarters are located in New York City. […]

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Realtytrac Review

Purchasing a home can be a very difficult task and and requires a significant amount of research.  There are many websites out there that offer listing services for free, but they often have outdated information and their databases are far from optimized.  You will usually have to search many different sites to find interesting listings […]

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Buying a home at auction: Auction.com

You’ve probably heard of auction.com at some point, but what exactly is it? It’s dubbed itself the “nation’s leading online real estate marketplace,” and since it sold its first property back in 2007 and launched its online platform in 2008, it’s sold more than $26 billion worth of over 100,000 properties. Those are some pretty […]

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Buying a home at auction: HomeSearch.com

Homesearch.com may not be as well known as other real estate auction sites, but it’s a site where it’s possible to find a great bargain on a piece of property you may have never dreamed you could call your own. The site offers a multitude of properties including single family homes, condos, land, commercial properties, […]

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House buying concept

Five Things To Remember When Buying A Foreclosure

Foreclosures are abundant in today’s real estate market. Bank owned homes often represent an awesome opportunity to purchase property well below market value. Foreclosure listings are a distressed sale and require special considerations. Buying a foreclosure can be seeded with risk. Taking these simple steps can help eliminate that risk and secure a deal on a foreclosure.

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