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Community Questions: Foreclosure papers filed

QUESTION: Keith asks….I want to buy a house you have filed foreclosure papers on.  What is the procedure? ANSWER: Thanks for your question.  Unfortunately, we at The Bank Foreclosure Guide don’t foreclosure on any homes.  We are merely an information resource for people looking for information about buying foreclosed properties.  So, step one will be […]

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Community Questions: Renting a foreclosure

Can you rent a foreclosure? This depends on many factors, primarily if you already have a lease in place when the home is foreclosed. Generally, banks do not rent foreclosures. Read more about renting foreclosures in this community question.

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contract signing

Community Questions: Purchasing a home with a non traditional contract

QUESTION: I purchased a property on a simple two sentence document both signed with a witness and he would not turn the house over to me.  It took about 18 months for that to happen and when he finally took me to court, he took me to renters court .  This of course was proved […]

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