Community Question: Listing Homes for Banks

Mike, Benard and Marteina are real estate agents and have submitted questions about listing homes for banks. Each questioned suggested a certain local area or bank that the real estate agent would like to work with to list properties. We’ll address these questions in this post about how real estate agents go about listing homes […]

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Community Question: Banks selling directly

Deysi has a question for The Bank Foreclosure Guide. Deysi asks “do banks sell homes directly when someone fails to make their payments?” Below we will attempt to answer this popular question. Banks generally do not sell their foreclosures directly. As a buyer, you have to purchase in the manner the bank seller has directed. […]

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NBT Bank Foreclosure Listings

NBT Bank is a regional bank based in New York. NBT Bank is based in Norwich New York and offers a full portfolio of banking products to their customers. The bank originates mortgage loans and is expected to have foreclosures of loans they service. NBT Bank foreclosure listings are not listed online. For information on […]

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US Bank Foreclosure Listings

US Bank is a large originator and servicer of mortgages. US Bank originally started in Cincinnati as First National Bank of Cincinnati in 1863. Throughout their long history, US Bank has grown to be the fifth largest bank in the United States. US Bank foreclosure listings become available when customers stop paying their mortgages. When […]

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Community Question: Renting Foreclosures

Readers of The Bank Foreclosure Guide website are welcome to submit questions to be answered on the site. Victoria asks: “is it possible to rent a bank owned foreclosure property?” Renting foreclosures is not typical. Generally, when a bank takes ownership of a home through foreclosure they are going to sell it to clear it […]

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What is a pre-foreclosure on Zillow?

When looking for homes on Zillow, you are likely to find listings termed as “pre-foreclosure”. Pre-foreclosure is one of the property types that is different from a standard for sale or rent listing. Other unique property types includes auction and foreclosure. These listings can be confusing as they are often not available for sale through […]

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pre-foreclosure properties

Pre-foreclosures: buying a pre-foreclosed property

What is a pre-foreclosure? The term “pre-foreclosure” is used a lot on property websites and in the foreclosure process. So what is a pre-foreclosure? Simply stated, a pre-foreclosure is in the process of being foreclosed by a lender. The foreclosure process has been started but is not completed. The foreclosure process varies by state. Stakeholders […]

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Community Questions: Pre-Market Purchases

Theresa asks: “Is it possible to buy a foreclosed home directly from the bank before it goes to auction?” This depends. Each bank handles properties differently but it is unlikely that a bank would ever sell a property to an individual prior to it going on market, through auction or other similar process. Banks use […]

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