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TJWebbHeadshotWelcome to my real estate marketing blog!  My name is TJ Webb and I was bitten by the real estate bug when I was young.  From a family of real estate agents and investors, I developed a passion for real estate at an early age and have worked to perfect my skills in many different areas of the trade.   I am a licensed residential builder, real estate broker and investor. I have been working with banks in multiple capacities for years both buying and selling homes.  In my real estate practice I currently represent over fifty different banks when they chose to sell homes on the open market.  I have sold hundreds of properties to both home buyers and investors.  These posts come from both my past experience and my research as an investor. Here is what I believe:


  1. Affordable home ownership is privilege that we have living in this country.
  2. Banks should (and do) sell the properties they own on the local real estate market to increase their return on the home and decrease any potential losses.
  3. Homeowners and investors should have access to information on these properties with or without a real estate agent for free.
  4. If you chose to pay for information on real estate foreclosures, it should provide value beyond what you can find for free.


The Bank Foreclosure Guide is my real estate marketing blog that I utilize to share tips with you that I find effective when dealing with foreclosure properties.  I understand that all real estate markets are different and you should ultimately  be the one to determine if my information is helpful for you in your situation.  I am pleased to share my experience with you. A large portion of the site provides information on where to find foreclosure lists of foreclosure properties for sale for free.  There are several paid sources of foreclosure listings that consolidate listings to make it easier for a home shopper to get a view of all homes in a certain area.  If you are looking for free sources, you are usually going to look through a single bank’s inventory.  You can find those sites here.  Whether you pay for a service or do the research yourself, your first step is finding what homes are available.

Happy home shopping and thanks for visiting The Bank Foreclosure Guide!

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