Citibank Foreclosure Listings

Citibank is a financial name that needs no introduction.  Citibank is a global banking company with over 3,700 branches in 36 countries.  Citibank is the third largest bank holding company in the United States.  Citibank’s mortgage operations are managed by Citimortgage.

Citibank foreclosure properties are featured on a specific website created by Citimortgage.  The site features properties that are for sale by CitiMortgage.  If a property you are interested in is not listed, it may not yet be available for sale.  This often happens if it is still occupied by the former owner, being repaired by the bank or still in the process of foreclosure.

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In order to make an offer on a CitiMortgage property, you need to be pre-approved for a mortgage in the amount of your offer or have proof of the available funds if you intend to pay with cash.  CitiMortgage requires a loan application with NationStar Mortgage.  You can contact NationStar with questions or to apply at (888) 820-0168.

CitiMortgage uses local real estate agents to market their available properties.  Homes should be listed on the local MLS system.  Offers should be submitted to the listing agent directly or through your buyer’s agent.  CitiMortgage’s listing agent will submit all offers directly to CitiMortgage for consideration.  CitiMortgage uses a third party application called to manage their real estate transactions with real estate agents and title companies.  As a buyer, you will not have interaction with this system.

You can find Citibank foreclosure listings online at this link.

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