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Keystone Asset Management is an asset management company that works with mortgage servicers to manage their default loans through the foreclosure process.  Keystone offers their bank clients key services including foreclosure processing for default mortgages, short sale management, eviction coordination, developing values for foreclosure homes and the listing and selling of these properties.  Keystone also offers services to investors who purchase portfolios of repossessed homes and loans directly from banks.

The best way to understand Keystone’s involvement in the sale of a foreclosed property is that of a middle-man manager.  Keystone often manages the different portions of the foreclosure process including removing the prior owner (often via eviction), changing the locks on the property, determine a recommended sale price and hiring a real estate agent to sell the home.  Keystone uses national partnerships with preservation companies to maintain and secure their clients foreclosed homes.

When Keystone is managing a property for a client who elects to sell the property to individuals on the open market, Keystone utilizes local real estate agents to manage the process of selling the property.  Keystone’s foreclosed homes are listed in the local MLS system with the real estate agent.  In addition, Keystone maintains a website of properties they currently have for sale.  On the Keystone site you can find details about the price of the property and the local real estate agent responsible for selling the home.  You can find all the details on Keystone’s website.

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