SunTrust Mortgage Foreclosure Listings

SunTrust Mortgage is the lending operation of SunTrust Bank.  SunTrust has operations in many states across the country with a concentration in the south of the country.  SunTrust Bank lists their foreclosure properties with local real estate agents.  According to SunTrust, foreclosures are priced at fair market value.   SunTrust has foreclosure properties available that they own as well as mortgages that they service for other investors.

SunTrust requires that individuals interested in purchasing a SunTrust foreclosure with financing be pre-qualified for a mortgage through SunTrust Mortgage.  Buyers need not procure their loan through SunTrust but mustbe able to demonstrate their ability to finance a property to SunTrust.  In addition to special financing requirements, success bidders for SunTrust properties will need to execute an additional SunTrust-specific purchase addendum.  If you are purchasing a SunTrust foreclosure property, be sure to read the addendum carefully as the terms and conditions in the addendum will guide the transaction.

SunTrust maintains a website where they list all of their available foreclosure properties.   You can search for SunTrust foreclosures at this link.



Visit Suntrust’s Website

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